Programmer, AI Developer and Hacker

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About Me

I am a professional programmer, AI developer and Game Maker. I have worked with almost every programming language. My Stongest language is Python followed by Nodejs and 15-20 more. I have developed my own AI assistant jarvis from the iron man movie. I have made the remake of my popular games including Hill Climb Racing, Angry Birds, Pokemon GO and I have developed my own games too. I have made games with Unity, Unreal and Cryengine. My AI assistant was programmed in python. At the starting it was just a basic template-like structure but now, it is not so much far away from one in the Iron man movie. I have also learned ethical hacking using kali linux and now I am able to hack almost any device:- from school database to government records.


Learned Programming

Python as Starter

During that pandemic period,the whole country was under lockdown and people were caught in their homes. I was too bored at that time and then I thought of learning Programming. I searched for the easiest programming language and I got Python. Python was the first language I learned. I start developing programs and games in python and this was how programming came into my life.

Started Making Games

Unity, Unreal and CryEngine

After learning programming, I got interest in making games. I started making games in Unity as my first game enigine. Following the documentation, watching tutorials on youtube I finally learned a new language C# and finally making games. Later on I shifted to Unreal and CryEngine for learning C++ and I was successful in doing so.

The Hacker Enters

Kali Linux

After learning Programming, I started finding the uses of programming and come-up with Hacking. Python was the most common language used for hacking so it takes no time to me to learn some basics of it. I installed Kali Linux the best hacking OS and started my hacking.



Sept 2008 - Sept 2022

Science Student

I will complete my schooling in year 2022 and then I will give the entrance test for Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Sept 2022 - Sept 2026

Achieved 6 degrees


Jarvis AI

My Personal AI assistant named Jarvis form the Iron Man movie. He can handle all my stuffs including my social media, home-automation, home-security and much more.....

Demo Project will come soon

Subway Surfers

As I already told, I have been making the remake of popular games and this was the first of them.

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